Julia Nguyen is a software engineer, writer, and speaker from Toronto. Julia is the founder of if me, an open source mental health communication app. She organized mentorship initiatives at the University of Waterloo Women in Computer Science Undergraduate Committee. She is the lead organizer of Southeast Asian Ladies in Tech, and organizes meetups for the San Francisco chapter of Write/Speak/Code.

Julia is driven by the sociological impact of technology – how it shapes and redefines culture and identity. She has written for publications like Model View Culture, Shameless Magazine, and AJ+. She’s a speaker for Prompt, a community of people in tech who give talks on mental illness. She has spoken at various conferences and meetups like QCon, Curry On!, Self Conference, Tech Inclusion Conference, and Dreamforce.

Here’s when I really talk about myself in the first person. I’m a storyteller and community organizer above all. Born and raised in Toronto as a child of Vietnamese refugees, I have been incredibly blessed to nurture my creativity through piano, painting, writing, and programming. Like many women of my generation, I started coding as kid on Neopets. That evolved to building fansites dedicated to Evanescence and teenage web design blogs. Today, I have working experience in full-stack web development, native mobile development, performance, and accessibility. I want to lead all of the projects and help create developer best practices! Let’s be real here though, this industry burns you out (especially when you’re underrepresented). I write and speak about my mental illness openly and care deeply about creating safe spaces, communities, and workplaces to support our authentic selves.

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