I’m a developer and storyteller. I recently graduated from the computer science co-op program at the University of Waterloo. I’ve worked for companies and organizations of all sizes in consulting, open-source, and e-commerce in web and mobile.

Born and raised in Toronto as a first generation Vietnamese-Canadian, I have been incredibly blessed to nurture my creativity through piano, painting, writing, and programming. As a developer, I enjoy finding ways to make user experiences more engaging and memorable. I am fascinated by the sociological impact of technology – how it shapes and redefines culture and identity.

I write and speak about empathy, mental illness, and mental health in computer science and tech.

I have written for ground-breaking, independent cultural publications like Model View Culture and Shameless Magazine. I am a speaker for Prompt, a community of people who speak about mental health in the tech industry.

I’ve spoken and taught workshops at various conferences and events, including Self Conference, New York PHP, WaffleJS, Women Who Code SF, Dreamforce, and the Tech Inclusion Conference.

I was previously the Director of Big CSters, a community mentorship program promoting self-care and thought leadership for the Women in Computer Science organization at the University of Waterloo.

Ooh, ooh! I also play well with others and follow instructions, well, most of the time. If you fancy that, check out my résumé!

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