May 6, 2013 – August 30, 2013

About Communitech

Communitech is a technology innovation hub in the Waterloo region that provides services to start-ups, mid-size companies, and national companies. I worked at the Apps Factory, Communitech’s application development service.

Position as Application Developer

As an application developer, I built applications using the cross-platform mobile framework Adobe Flex, Node.js, and Ruby on Rails. I used the following database systems: SQLite, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. I made frequent use of Flex Builder, Eclipse, Xcode, Git, and Heroku.

More specifically I:

Optimized, fixed, and added features to a cross-platform mobile application for golf course pest management in Adobe Flex

Users can keep track of the weather, the amount and type of pests (scouts), and how to treat the pests

  • Optimized and updated code for fetching data from the server
  • Fixed the weather module, the feature that adds scouts and treatments
  • Added an edit mode for user to edit previous settings for creating scouts and treatments; delete mode added as well
  • Responsive design for iOS and Android and their various screen sizes

Developed an in-house web application for tracking mentor hours using Node.js

Mentors visiting the Communitech Hub can book time slots and meeting places; mentees can claim these time slots

  • Made use of MongoDB to store data
  • Used jQuery UI for date and time picker
  • Utilized Geddy, an MVC framework for Node.js

Developed a web application for recruiters to match job seekers with career opportunities in Ruby on Rails

There are 5 user types in the application: admin, candidate, potential candidate, employer, recruiter.

  • An admin can create/modify job opportunities, distinct questions for each opportunity, and templates for automatically generated profile summaries
  • An admin can also invite candidates (called potential candidates) to create a profile; user is emailed a unique link to create a profile
  • Potential candidates can claim a full candidate account after filling out a profile; user is emailed a unique link to create an account
  • A candidate can create/modify profiles and apply for jobs with those profiles
  • An employer can create/modify jobs, view completed profiles, and accept/reject candidates
  • A recruiter can bookmark candidates and employers and create jobs


From Rob Drimmie (Development Manager):

Julia stands out as putting a great deal of thought and effort into creating really great applications. Throughout the term she repeatedly demonstrated her skill as a developer, tackling with strength two of the more challenging projects that have come through the Apps Factory. She learned the technologies and tools extremely well and applied previous experience to deliver thoughtfully designed, well-coded software.

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