August 25, 2014 – December 19, 2014

About Minted

Minted is an online marketplace for art, stationery, and home decor. Their designs are crowd-sourced fresh from independent artists, amateur and professional, all over the world.

Position as Software Engineer

As a software engineer on the e-commerce team, I contributed to features that customers use to customize cards, manage their address book, review their orders, and contact customer service for help. I worked with Backbone.js, Adobe Scene7, Drupal, MySQL, Python, PHP, Pytest, and Sinon.js. I made frequent use of Git-SVN, Reviewboard, Kibana, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Jira.

More specifically I:

Led the development of a new feature to detect overset text on envelopes

In the card customizer, customers can order envelopes with their recipients’ addresses printed on in decorative templates. The feature automatically warns the customer of names that will not fit on the printed envelope.

  • Wrote a technical design document outlining the work required for the feature
  • Refactored existing implementations of overset text outside of the card customization tool
  • Developed the logic for determining overset text and processing it through Adobe Scene7
  • Collaborated with UX designers to develop a UI

Improved the usability of the address book tool, the order details page, and the help page

The address book tool is used by customers to stores addresses for envelopes. The order details page contains information on a customer’s order, including products ordered, pricing, edit tools, and order status. The help page allows users to search for frequently asked questions and send emails to customer service.

  • In address book tool, I improved the accuracy of the alphabet picker and changed the flow of entering the tool in the card customizer
  • On the order details page, I worked on the front-end changes for promotional credits
  • On the help page, I improved the UX of the email form and the FAQ search bar

Instrumented Google Analytics for Salesforce and performed research on post-order price adjustments

  • Assisted product management to track help page analytics in Salesforce
  • Performed database queries to determine the number and type of customers affected by price adjustments in post-order to assist product management in developing a strategy for keeping track of price adjustments
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