January 6, 2014 – April 25, 2014

About ThoughtWorks

ThoughWorks is a software consulting company with offices throughout the world. They are prominent leaders in agile software development, contributors to open-source software (e.g. Selenium), and advocate passionately for social and economic justice in the work they do.

Position as Application Developer

As an application developer, I contributed to both web and mobile applications for various clients. In this role, I developed in Ruby on Rails, iOS, and PHP for WordPress. I practiced test-driven development and worked with Rspec, Cucumber, Jasmine, Frank, and Jenkins. In addition, I participated in pair programming.

More specifically I:

Added a feature to the Ruby on Rails app for RapidFTR

An open-source app to keep track of children during emergency situations

  • Added a feature called “Enquiry” for parents to report missing children
  • Wrote unit tests with Rspec and acceptance tests with Cucumber, which were automated using Jenkins

Fixed and added features to the iOS app for Democracy Now!

A non-profit, independent, and progressive news program

  • Fixed issues with frame resizing and views on 3.5 inch and 4 inch devices
  • Transferred entire UI code to storyboard
  • Re-wrote audio player feature to resize correctly and update now playing title
  • Wrote unit tests using Frank

Custom built a WordPress website and publications database/search engine for Well Living House

A research centre for Indigenous health at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto

Live Site (most likely not launched yet)

  • Created a custom, responsive theme based on client specifications
  • Wrote plugins for a news slider and publications database/search engine in PHP
  • Wrote user interfaces for navigation, drop down menus, and landing page sections in jQuery

Fun fact: I spent a week at Bitstrips pairing with developers on front-end bugs and helped to investigate unit testing for Adobe Flex apps.

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