Sup. This is pretty much an obligatory post-exam post so that I can pretend I care about this blog. Let’s face it, once you stop blogging for a while it’s hard to make it a habit again. I was really hoping posts about coding, technology, and what not would get me interested again. Lately though, I haven’t had the motivation to sit down and write a meaningful article. Maybe my creative juices will start pumping once I start my work term…?

For now, this will just be a review of what happened to me in the last couple of months.

1. I had my hair cut really short. I’ve always been curious of what I would look like with a pixie cut. I like the appearance that long hair gives you, but I don’t like actually having long hair… if that makes any sense lol. This may seem disgusting: I don’t comb my hair on a regular basis. It’s a combination of being lazy, not having time, and not caring. I’m in CS? I will comb my hair if it tangles up and turns into a bird’s nest, but that’s the only exception. When I had long hair, I usually put it up in a ponytail or knot. So I figured, what’s the point of having long hair if I don’t really put effort into it?

I think short hair suits me. I don’t care that I look like I’m in a Korean boyband 😛

2. I randomly watched all 6 seasons of the Sex and the City (including the two movies). I am probably the last person you would expect to watch and enjoy all the drama that took place between Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big. Despite all of the unrealistic expectations of relationships, sex, and being a woman, I thought the show was pretty entertaining. I was constantly annoyed by Charlotte’s obsession with marriage, Miranda’s cyncism, and Carrie’s addiction to Big, shoes, and cigarettes. Samantha’s sexual fearlessness and blunt honesty was hilarious though! Nonetheless, I admire the show on being so open about sexuality and other female taboo topics. I am also glad that Carrie finally kept up with the times and got a cellphone and a new MacBook.

The real Carrie, not the watered down, teenie-bopper one on the CW’s the Carrie Diaries with the worst wig ever.

3. I am finally satisfied with the appearance of my KDE desktop. Behold it’s eye-friendly colours and space-saving menu bar!

For a larger view, click here.

4. I was a super keener this term. I started all of my CS and combinatorics assignments early and put effort into studying for midterms. I felt good (and stress-free) about finishing assignments well before the due date and watching other people panic about not finishing. Yeah, I enjoy laughing at other people’s misery (at certain occasions). I even started type-setting my combinatorics assignments in LaTex! Here’s to hoping all this hard work paid off with final exams! XD

5. I took more naps. The majority of students, including myself, stay up all the night studying without taking breaks for food and sleep. I used to think taking an hour off from studying would waste time. For me, taking breaks to nap really helped me. I would much rather be attentive when studying than trying to force myself to retain knowledge on only 5 hours of sleep. Studying smarter > studying harder.

Anyways, that’s about it. I’m off to take my 3rd nap of the day. Peace.

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