if me

January 2014 – Present

I have been dealing with obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety for as long as I can remember.

Being open and honest about these issues is helping me to confront it. My hope is to encourage others to feel comfortable about talking about their own experiences.

I have been having discussions with friends, family, co-workers, and peers at mental health centres like CAMH about how to involve others in coping with mental illness.

Mental health is a profound aspect our lives. For most people, it is difficult and often shameful to speak out about mental illness.

Although our loved ones should not be therapists, being open with them is the key to dealing with mental illness in a healthy and productive way. We interact with these people everyday and they shape our self-perception.

Making if me open-source is important because mental health is such a individual experience. Everyone who deals with it has something unique and insightful to offer when it comes to dealing with it.

Current Features

  • Create moods and categories for experiences
  • Describe experiences or “triggers”
  • Find and add allies, and give them access to comment and support certain triggers
  • Keep track of medication

Future Features

  • Alert (email and SMS) system for appointments, medications, and triggers
  • Enhancements to news feed (including localized time)
  • More in-depth profile (bio, social network links, etc.)
  • Other UI niceties

If you are interested in helping out, fork the repo and drop me a message. The app can be viewed here.

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