Long time no see, Insomnia series. Okay, it’s not a series since I’ve only written one post. Tonight’s topic is being 20-something and realizing that life is pretty damn messy and trying to suppress things by being erratic.

Here are just some of random, but also well thought of things I want to do:

Get a tattoo of the Julia set down my upper back, and have that somehow integrated with a watercolour design.

Get a nose or brow piercing and feel badass for 15 minutes.

Move somewhere far and warm, and hit the “redo” button on life. Maybe California? Somewhere in Southeast Asia?

Be able to be fearless and completely open when it comes dealing with my mental health. Perhaps by doing a talk?

Dye my hair for the first time blue or get a buzzcut (but not both).

Wear my retainers daily, cause my teeth aren’t as straight as they used to be.

Budget more cause “if you ain’t got no money get yo broke ass home” (in Ludacris voice).

Travel more, meet more people. Eat delicious things!

But healthier things, cause nobody likes clogged arteries.

Fix broken relationships and reunite with people I have been estranged from.

Write more about myself because one day it will be hilarious to read. My first diary entry ever was from grade 1 and all I talked about was how excited I was to find a penny and go to Canadian Tire with my mom and sister. I need more of those moments so senile Julia can laugh more.

Good night. Peace. See ya. Zzz.

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