I know it’s a tad late, but I hope everyone’s having a happy new year! I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things – well just school. Nothing much has happened to me since my last post. Here’s just a list of things I’m going to do this month cause I have nothing else better to do with my free/procrastination time 🙂

  • Turn 20 on the 14th: Holy shit, I’m getting old. I can barely cook, I still need good old mommy to drive me everywhere, and I always forget to lock the door. Yay, I’m such a good young adult.
  • Apply for jobs for my next co-op term: I’m actually excited for this one. Having gone through one term, I have a better idea of what my interests are and what kind of company I want to work for. Instead of applying for 20+ jobs and wasting time going to around that same amount of interviews, I’m going to apply to jobs I actually want.
  • Perhaps re-partition my laptop and finally get Windows back into my life: So if you haven’t been following my Linux posts: here and here, I’ve been running only Linux for the last year (currently: Arch). I have no problems with it all – in fact, I love it. Everything’s fast, programmable, and modifiable. I also have Windows XP virtual machine in case I need to use Photoshop or Microsoft Office, so it’s all good. When it comes to gaming though, it’s really annoying to run games in Wine. Re-partitioning my laptop is a “perhaps” because not being able to play games might be a good thing since I’m currently on a study term.
  • Become less reliant on the Internet: As everyone knows, the Internet is tool for procrastination. For me, it is procrastination. So I’ve taken the grueling initiative to block various social media websites and limit the amount of “productive” time I spend on the Internet. To limit my spending time on my laptop, I decided to do all my assignments (except CS ones) and time management planning by hand. Das rite, I bought an agenda LOL. There are so many times when I’m planning my week on Google Calendar and then 10 seconds later I’m on Reddit. Yeah, that’s no good.

Wish me luck!

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