Long time, no see! What’s everyone been up to? Like most people, I’ve been semi-preparing for the wonderful thing that is called midterms. I haven’t really been doing any interesting when it comes to web development. Just working on a freelance commission and a volunteer web designer position for a club I’m in at school.

Cause I can’t really write an elaborate post about all of the “saved-a-cat-from-a-tree” things I’ve done the past month (I would never try saving a cat from a tree, I’m a dog person lol), here’s a list.

  • Went through the interview process for the first round of co-op jobs and succesfully accepted an offer as an application developer for Canada’s top and highly innovative startup incubator, Communitech. I’m super excited for this position because I’ll get to learn a lot more technical skills than I did in my last position, make a variety of apps for different platforms, and be able to work in the Tannery District in Kitchener (a lot of great companies and startups work there, such as Desire2Learn and Google Canada).
  • If you’ve read my last monthly update post, I’ve been trying to become less reliant on the Internet when it comes to time management. I’ve stopped using Google Calendar (which was pretty nifty), and have taken the habit of using a good, old paper-back agenda. It’s definitely working, I’m not getting distracted by “multi-tasking”. If you’re trying to find alternative ways to reduce procrastination, I definitely reccommend ditching that electronic/online agenda!
  • Another way I’ve reduced procrastination time is by streaming infinite music playlists online thorugh services like Songza. I don’t if you’re like me, but when I listen to music on my iPod or on a music player, I get really really picky about what I have to listen to next. I almost never let shuffle do it’s thang lol. Recently, it just occured to me how much time I actually spend picking out music than actually listening to it.

Anyways, I gotta get back to finishing an essay and studying for a CS exam! See ya!

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