I need to constantly practice self-care to stay healthy. Every time I get lazy or unmotivated, shit goes down. I spend too much time looking at screens trying to reaffirm my self-worth and assert that I should be valued. The work I do is very rewarding, but also incredibly draining. I’m tired.

Things I’ve done to get me started:

  • Delete apps like Twitter, Facebook (but not Messenger cause group projects), and Instagram from my phone (also block their desktop sites during most of the day)
  • Try paid online therapy (Talkspace) for more frequent sessions along with the therapy I’m getting from campus
  • Go outside more, just get up and go when I’m starting to feel anxious or bored
  • Set an alarm to take medication and log it

Things I want to do:

  • Write for myself and not for the sake of promoting my work or being seen as a “thought leader”
  • Journal more often with good old pen and paper
  • Keep making art and music for fun
  • Figure out how to properly sew clothing
  • Say no to people who take advantage of me or who honestly don’t give a shit about my well-being
  • Engage with people face-to-face more often

FYI, these lists are for me. This isn’t an “open letter” or “how-to” on how to live your life. If it happens to be inspirational or helpful, yay. However, that isn’t my concern. Sorry not sorry. Peace. Stay awesome. Stay strong. Give a pug a hug.

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