I used to have a autobiographical page on this site; I removed it because I didn’t really see any purpose in spilling my life story to employers or random lurkers. Now that I’ve written 34 posts, I feel like I should attempt to be more self-indulgent and re-introduce myself (that and I am bored out of my mind right now). Here’s are n facts about me that came to mind where n is a natural number greater than 0.

  • In grade 8, I did a class presentation on Frida Kahlo in which I talked about the my adoration for her painting My Birth
  • I was wonderfully raised with two younger siblings (one of which has autism, and the other is, dare I say, more intelligent than me) by a single-mother
  • I went to Vietnam once when I was 16
  • When applying to unviersity, I only applied to computer science programs (I never dishona famiry)
  • I cannot cook at all
  • I am very nearsighteded
  • I wore braces throughout highschool, and should wear my retainers more often
  • I put fish sauce and Sriracha sauce in everything I eat
  • I taught my sister how to ride a bike by tricking her to crash through our basement window
  • I ran a sticker-stealing ring in pre-school
  • The first programming language I taught myself was JavaScript (in Grade 6)
  • I used to be obsessed about a band called Evanescence (I created fansites, adorned my bedroom walls with Amy Lee’s face, and went to every concert they had in Toronto) – so hardcore lulz
  • I listen to Gangsta Rap when I am programming
  • Emacs > Vim
  • It annoys me when people use hashtags on Facebook
  • My favourite book is Sans Famille by Hector Malot
  • I think bun thit nuong is tastier than pho
  • I am pro-choice and I support LGBTQ rights
  • I enjoy racist jokes
  • I believe all software should be open source
  • I am not afraid to speak my mind

That’s all I could think of without revealing too much 😛

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