Toronto-bred. Hella Việt. Developer, Storyteller, and Community Organizer.
Honours Computer Science
Co-operative Education Program
Software Engineering Option
University of Waterloo '16

Psst, I studied piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music and am a trained lifeguard in Canada!
C/C++, Java, Kotlin, Objective C, PHP, Python, Rust, JavaScript, Ruby, ActionScript, TypeScript, HTML/CSS, SQL
jQuery, CakePHP, Node, Backbone, Flex, PhoneGap, Rails, Scene7, iOS, Android, Closure, RxJava, Angular, Gulp, Bower, Webpack, React, Redux, Next.js
Rspec, Cucumber, Capybara, Frank, Jenkins, Maven, Mocha, Sinon, Pytest, JUnit, Roboelectric, Karma, Jasmine, Chai
CMS Customization
WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
Graphics & Prototyping
Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Axure, Balsamiq, Sketch
MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CouchDB

Android Developer (Oct 2016-present)

We Read Too

  • Build and maintain the Android app for We Read Too (an iOS app created by Kaya Thomas in 2014), a book resource app that includes hundreds of books written by authors of colour featuring characters of colour

Software Engineer II (Jun 2016-present)


  • Full-stack developer (Ruby on Rails, Angular, Android) on the Backer Trust team
  • Worked on migrating Gulp to Webpack, open sourcing Apple Pay JS testing stubs, and multiperk support for campaigns
  • Engineering lead for Apple Pay for items and options, front-end API perk refactor, and accessibility roadmap
  • Led projects to improve web performance and re-architect server and client side rendering on campaign and home pages
  • Leading React spikes and re-developing internal UI library
  • UI Champion, advocates for engineering during design meetings
  • Co-founded Diversity and Inclusion and Office Wellness committees
  • Hack Week co-organizer and weekly code class instructor

Software Development Engineer Intern (May-Dec 2015)


  • Engineering lead for voice search using the SoundHound API in the Android app
  • Engineering lead for hotel map search and filtering using Google Maps API, RxJava, and Kotlin
  • Engineering lead for supporting hotel room cancellations in the mobile API

Software Engineer Intern (Aug-Dec 2014)


  • Engineering lead for utilizing Scene7 to detect overset text on envelopes
  • Improved the usability of the address book tool, the order details page, and the help page
  • Instrumented Google Analytics for Salesforce and performed research on post-order price adjustments

Application Developer Intern (Jan-Apr 2014)


  • Added a photo-sharing feature to the Ruby on Rails app for RapidFTR, an open-source app to keep track of children during emergency situations
  • Fixed and added UI features to the iOS app for Democracy Now!, a non-profit, independent news program
  • Built a custom WordPress website and publications database/search engine for Well Living House, a research centre for Indigenous health at St. Michael’s Hospital

Application Developer Intern (May-Aug 2013)


  • Optimized and added features to a cross-platform mobile app for golf course pest management using Flex
  • Developed an in-house web app for tracking mentor hours using Node, Backbone, and MongoDB
  • Developed a web app for recruiters and head-hunters using Ruby on Rails and CouchDB

User Interface Developer Intern (Sept-Dec 2012)


  • Wrote interfaces for job postings, employer profiles, the database updater, and the employee website using JavaScript, jQuery, and AJAX
  • Developed an accessibility roadmap
"The most important thing you can build is community"

Storyteller and Activist

I have published for publications like Model View Culture, Shamesless Magazine, and AJ+. I am a speaker for Prompt, a community of people in tech who speak about mental health. I have spoken at conferences and meetups - including Women Who Code SF, NY PHP, Self.Conference, and Tech Inclusion Conference. I am currently teaching mental health classes to Southeast Asian youth at the Vietnamese Youth Development Center in the Tenderloin. Learn more:

Founder of if me (2014-Present) is an open source mental health communication app written in Ruby on Rails and React. I manage and mentor developers, designers, and non-technical contributors from all over the world. I have given a keynote talk about the project at Open Source Bridge 2016. We were featured on the Code Newbies Podcast, the Huffington Post Blog, and in Rails Girls Summer of Code 2017.

Founder of Southeast Asian Ladies in Tech (2016-present)

Twitter (@seasianlit) and Slack community for Southeast Asian women in the tech industry. Local chapters in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Southeast Asia.

Write/Speak/Code San Francisco Organizer (2015-present)

I organize workshops to help technical women write CFPs, improve public speaking skills, and get involved in open source software. I have organized meetups at Indiegogo and Expedia. I taught conference speaking workshop at Dreamforce 2015.

University of Waterloo Women in Computer Science Committee (2015-2016)

I was the the Director of Big CSters and Director of Public Outreach. I wrote interviews profiling female students in computing. I revamped the Big CSters program as a series of discussion circles focusing on on peer-to-peer mentorship, stress, confidence, and identity. I wrote and taught curriculum for a Github and web design workshop. I handled public relations with potential speakers and local companies.

University of Waterloo English Tutors Club (2011-2014)

Tutored ESL students, maintained club website, designed graphics, and developed a web app using PHP and MySQL to keep track of members.