Long time no blog! Just finished wrapping up my work term as an app developer at Communitech. Learned soooo much during the term and I’m glad I get a break before school starts! To read more about my work, clicky here.

Now I get a week off! Time to update my resume and portfolio, draw to my heart’s content, catch up with friends, and watch mindless hours of television.

Below, are some of the songs that I’ve been listening on repeat this summer:

Though I love the original song, this remix seems to be everywhere this summer.

I actually like this cover a lot more than the original song. There’s a lot more vocal gymnastics going on I guess?

This is a catchy song, end of story.

It’s Madonna, nuff said.

Birdy does some really beautiful covers of popular Indie artists like Phoenix. People Help The People is originally by Cherry Ghost.

I actually stumbled upon this song by accident when looking up songs from my favourite musical Wicked. A very catchy take to the very catchy song, Popular. MIKA is pretty awesome too.

Never appreciated this song as much as I do when it came out. Throwback?

Speaking of throwback, remember this song?! Ahh back in the day when Travie was Travis, Katy Paty was more “I Kissed a Girl”, and Patrick Stump had crazy side-burns and wasn’t as impeccably dressed.

And of course, Get Lucky. So much funk, ALL OF THE FUNK. In general, Random Access Memories is an amazing album!

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