This post obviously doesn’t speak for all computer science students in all schools, nor does it at my school. Just my personal observations written in a slightly humourous, slightly cynical manner (hopefully witty?)! I’m literally writing this while listening to TLC’s “Waterfalls” in the background. Yeah, it’s serious business.

The Keener

These guys and gals attend every lecture and write immaculate notes (probably in LaTeX). They really make it a godforsaken effort to study! While you’re struggling the night before to finish Assignment 1, they’re already half-way through Assignment 2. Ahhh goddamn keeners!

The Mooch

That person who only talks to you in order to get hints or even answers to assignments. The moment you bring up something unrelated to school, they are quick to leave. You vaguely remember this person’s name…

The Gamer

That guy (some girls) who plays some of kind of mass multiplayer online game instead of doing school work. He’s pretty much a slacker, but he manages to get by in school. This guy aspires to be a game developer of some sort. GG.

The Jock

This is an umbrella term for the person who isn’t your typical CS nerd. They’re actually pretty cool. You can actually talk about things other than school like food, sports, life, paint drying on the wall – you get the point.

The Hairy and Disheveled

It’s the guys (I have not encountered girls yet) with unkempt Unix beards and greasy as fuck hair. Makes you wonder if there is still such a thing as personal hygiene. They are pretty friendly and harmless…AFK.

The CS Genius

These people excell at school without having to go into extreme keener mode. They probably learned C++ before they could talk. They’re the people that actually engage in an intellectual discussion with the profs. Future grad students yo.

The Girl

Ah the rare, estrogen-filled specimen that ze girl. Whether you are the plainest Jane or most feminine girl, you will be hit on by male CS students at least once in your undergraduate career. Profs and TAs will be a lot nicer to you than they would with guys. Eventually, you’ll befriend a bunch of CS guys and they’ll be the Harajuku girls to your Gwen Stefani. Dayuummm gurrrrl.

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