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Long time no see.

It’s exams week for me, and recently my latest form of procrastination has been re-visiting the old blogs I use to follow back in the day. When I refer to back in the day, I mean when I use to a presence on the web as a ruthless web and graphic design blogger. Before Justin Bieber and sparkly vampires, teenaged girls use to create nausea-inducing websites on free web hosting sites with poor syntax and markup, and project some concocted individuality. I like to think that I was one of the cooler ones, lawlawlawl. Ever since, I stopped fleurchild.com, I’ve been pretty anonymous on the internet for a couple of years.

So yeah, I wanna restart some kind of blog. But nothing too big or desperate to gain readers. I miss writing about my opinions. Correction: I miss complaining about things in the written form. I’m in the Math faculty at my school, you can imagine how much writing I do :P.

I’ll be writing random things about random topics whenever I feel like doing so. I don’t expect anyone to read or comment because I have purposely placed the link to this blog in a pretty secluded place on the site.


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