It’s my last week of work, Christmas is coming – joy to the world! I need to catch up on so much sleep. If you haven’t noticed, I revamped the existing site layout. After getting a helpful review from Nela on REV.IEW.ME, I figured it was a perfect opportunity to fix the little nuisances I was too lazy to address when I first made the layout. Thanks again for the tips! It’s always difficult to integrate artwork into a layout. As a result, I removed my ballerina illustration entirely and replaced it with a simpler design.

It’s a layout in a layout LOL.

Back to the topic of sleep! These last four months have been pretty exhausting. My co-op job isn’t too demanding, but commute time and long hours of staring at a computer monitor can really get to you! Yeah yeah yeah, I’m weak. This work term is sorta, technically my first full-time job. Before university, I worked part-time as a piano teacher and lifeguard. Again, weak. Working as a UI developer at Workopolis has been pretty awesome. I got to work to under different supervisors and work in different aspects of UI. I’ll blog more about my work experience in the upcoming days… 🙂

Although I’m sad that my time at Workopolis is wrapping up, I’m happy to get some kind of break before the next study term. Here’s a list of things I plan to do during the break (other than sleeping)!

  • Finally go to the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the AGO
  • Go skating 🙂 I haven’t been in years!
  • Watch the Hobbit like a boss
  • Play the Sims 3: Seasons for a really, really long time
  • Finish my Howl’s Moving Castle painting and other random sketches
  • Finish up the UI revisions for markUP
  • Convince myself I am ready for school again

I’m off to see the wizard now! Happy Holidays 😀

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  • Nice update! I’m glad you found my pointers helpful 🙂
    I’m all for using illustrations, but yes, often it’s very difficult to incorporate them in a layout. Just recently I was designing a jewellery web shop for a friend and the most difficult thing was incorporating photos of her work into the header in a creative way (and her photos are magnificent!)
    Oh, I envy you for going to Frieda’s exhibition so much 😀

    • So excited for the exhibit! She’s my favourite painter hands-down.

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