I always feel this immense sense of accomplishment when I complete a new layout for my own site (ok, it’s not as rewarding as getting actual code to compile). It takes forever to decide on an appearance and play around with CSS. I can do it really quickly when designing for other people, but when it comes to myself it is near impossible. First you try to brainstorm header ideas – something that will define you in ~800px width, not too large and not too small. Then, it’s like oh yeah, the rest of the page. I haven’t done any repeat-x backgrounds in a while… okie! After that, it takes some time to pick some decent quality true type fonts. Well, you get the process. Enough rambling.

I made the illustration on the header image as well, using the Adobe Ideas app on the iPad. Yeah, I need to get a real drawing tablet…

Life suddenly feels a lot more rewarding. I’m such a loser lol.

More actual blogs later this week 🙂

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